Russian terrorists’ accomplice Polynkov says at least 300 Wagner mercenaries killed in Syria. VIDEO

Mikhail Polynkov, call sign Khrustalik, who has ties with members of private military company Wagner said that at least 300 Russian mercenaries were eliminated in the U.S. strike on in Syria on the night of Feb. 8, 2018.

The accomplice of the Russian terrorists fighting against the Ukrainian government forces in the Donbas wrote on social media, Censor.NET reports.

"Today, the Foreign and Defense Ministries officially admitted death of five Russians. Well, that's a nice piece of progress. And this shows that the officials of these agencies do earn their salaries. If the Internet says five [persons were killed] than there were only five of them. My sources say that the irrevocable personnel losses as for today amount to 217 in the 5th assault team, 2nd assault team lost 10 of its men, Vesna detachment aka Karpaty lost 94 personnel. I have no idea about casualties in the artillery battalion and armored group.

"No less than three hundred personnel was killed judging by the fact that a shell hit the ammunition load of an artillery piece and only one tank managed to return to the river crossing (I do not count the armored scout vehicle, since it most likely was in service with one of the assault teams). I do not take into account losses among the infidels. The Russians and natives of the Donbas were in all of those detachments.

"As for the so-called "ISIS Hunters", my source heard only rumors about them. I do not rule out that this unit performs the same tasks as the "Prilepin’s battalion" (filming propaganda stories for Russian state-run media – Ed.). But certainly you do not have to believe me. Who am I to be trusted since even the president (President Vladimir Putin of Russia) himself cannot be a source of reliable information," said the terrorists’ accomplice and posted video where Russian President Putin and the then Russia’s Ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin assured that they had a letter from runaway Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych requesting to deploy Russian troops in Ukraine and subsequently denied their statements.

Russian terrorists’ accomplice Polynkov says at least 300 Wagner mercenaries killed in Syria 01

As reported, from 300 to 500 pro-government forces attacked an SDF headquarters near Deir ez-Zor, Syria on the night of Feb. 8, but retreated after the U.S.-led coalition knocked out their artillery and two of their tanks. The U.S. military suspects the pro-regime forces were trying to move in on oil fields previously held by the Islamic State group for the past three years, but are now controlled by U.S.-backed fighters. The news agencies run by the Syrian government, the Russian Defense Ministry, and the Pentagon confirmed the devastating strike on the pro-regime forces.

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