Shootouts Between Terrorists and Russian Soldiers Continue. Some Russian Soldiers Missing in Donetsk


There are reports of Russian servicemen missing in Donetsk. The terrorists claim that this is due to the activity of pro-Ukrainian partisans.

According to Censor.NET, this is stated by Dmytro Tymchuk on his Facebook page citing the Information Resistance group.

"In Donetsk, there are cases of disappearance of Russian servicemen. According to the terrorists, this is evidence of pro-Ukrainian partisans' activity," he wrote.

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Also, according to Tymchuk, the skirmishes between different militant groups, as well as their attacks on the Russian army units continue: "Such cases have been registered in Donetsk (the Frunze district, where a Russian base was set up), Dokuchaivsk, Krasnyi Luch (between local militants and Russian Cossacks). Heavy weapons have been used in the fights."

"In Donetsk, in addition to the operation of Russian units, there are armed groups of the DPR, militant groups Kalmius and Donetsk Orthodox Army. The interaction between them is at an extremely low level. There are reports of conflicts between various factions," he said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n305021