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 Social policy minister sees no need to raise retirement age within next decade

Ukraine’s Ministry of Social Policy expects the increase in the Pension Fund revenues through bringing salaries out of the shadows.

Social Policy Minister Andrii Reva said in an interview with Obozrevatel news outlet, Censor.NET reports.

"When we bring as many people out of the shadows as possible - so that the rate of licit employees reaches at least 90-95 percent – we’ll say: That’s it! We’ve got no more reserves left. We have estimated that there will be no need to raise the pension age in the next decade. Such an issue can potentially arise in 10 years. We’ll see how this evolves," Reva said.

The minister agreed in recent interview with Censor.NET that the efforts to bring salaries out of the shadows announced by the prime minister yield no results. However, according to him, the increase in the minimum wage has boosted contributions to the Pension Fund: "We estimated that the Pension Fund revenues would amount to 142 billion hryvnia in 2017 with 141 billion in government subvention. However, we have actually received 159 billion in contributions to the Pension Fund."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3047097