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 Prosecutor general says domestic armored vehicles, missile systems production funded with money seized under special confiscation act

The assets of the crime ring led by Yanukovych were attached in 2014, a number of cases have been initiated since then. The investigation lasted almost three years and resulted in 30 verdicts.

Larysa Sarhan, a spokeswoman for Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko wrote on the social media, Censor.NET reports.

On Jan. 17, Lutsenko delivered a report on $1.5 billion seized from the crime ring run by ex-President Viktor Yanukovych under the Act on special confiscation: "We established over 500 Ukrainian and foreign entities involved in embezzlement and laundering of public funds."

Ukraine’s top prosecutor also explained in detail what the expropriated funds were spent on: "I am not proud of the special confiscation. I am proud that it, for example, resulted in allocation of 700 million hryvnia to the State Border Guard Service. 300 million hryvnia was spent on the development of border infrastructure which is currently underprotected while the rest 400 million hryvnia was spent on creation of a fingerprint identification system which was fully operational before the New Year. And now our border is protected from unwanted persons who easily crossed it before. I am proud that the National Guard has received 900 million hryvnia, which it spent on additional armored vehicles which are now providing security in Ukraine. I am proud that the National Police has received 1,480 billion hryvnia. The increase in efficiency of the patrol police which was capable of reducing street crime rate by 15-20 percent last year was also due to the effective use of funds seized from Yanukovych's crime ring."

According to him, the Defense Ministry received the major part of the expropriated money.

"And when we read media reports about hundreds of domestically produced missile systems intended to be finally supplied to the army, they were also funded with that money. And now our fighters will confront the enemy tanks being not at a grenade throw from them or at a distance travelled by a rocket-propelled grenade, but at the one travelled by an antitank missile! Only the enemy or his accomplice would question a decision to seize funds from the criminals, return them to the state to cover defense and social infrastructure expenditures," Sarhan quoted Lutsenko as saying.

On Jan. 10, 2018, Al Jazeera news agency made public  the secret 95-page ruling of the Ukrainian court that exposed exactly how former President Viktor Yanukovich stole nearly $1.5bn from the country. It has also revealed that President Petro Poroshenko's former financial advisers played a role in the fraud, embarrassing the government.

The court order exposed in graphic detail the intricate company network used to steal the money, naming Investment Capital Ukraine (ICU) as brokering bond purchases made by Cypriot companies worth nearly $1.5bn between November and December 2013, just as Ukraine's EuroMaidan uprising was beginning.

ICU has close links with the current government, having advised Poroshenko on the sale of his confectionary company, Roshen.

During the time of the Yanukovich fraud, the finance firm was led by Ukraine's Central Bank governor, Valeria Hontareva, a close ally of Poroshenko.

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