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 General Staff decides to arm Ukraine’s troops with advanced anti-tank guided weapons, drones, - journalist

The General Staff included 800 sophisticated Stuhna and Korsar anti-tank missile systems, several thousand guided missiles, and 500 unmanned aerial vehicles in the list of the Ukrainian Army demands.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on the social media.

"The General Staff has finally decided to include in the list of needs of the Ukrainian Army 800 sophisticated Stuhna and Korsar anti-tank missile systems, several thousand guided missiles, both with shaped-charge warheads capable of destroying armored vehicles and blast-fragmentation warheads to defeat the enemy defenses and firing points. The supplies of man-portable Korsars are of paramount importance as they dramatically increase the combat capability of infantry units," he said.

According to the journalist, 500 drones were also included in the defense order. This decision allows purchasing these types of military hardware under the rearmament campaign.

"The mass procurement of the anti-tank guided systems and drones was earlier impossible since the General Staff gave preference to other weapons ignoring the actual needs of the army that emerged during the local war. But Ukraine’s defense budget has been increased up to the record-breaking $3.2 billion and finally some of these funds will be spent on weapons needed so badly. Why is this so important? There are still only isolated samples of advanced weapons on the front line after four years of the war. First of all, the units are tangibly underequipped with drones and guided missiles. The lion’s share of reconnaissance tasks at the forefront is still carried out using drones donated by the activists," he explained.

"Inclusion of a substantial batch of sophisticated anti-tank guided weapons and drones into the army demand means that all obstacles have been removed and this hardware will be included in the state defense order soon and will be supplied to the troops within two to three years. The order for production of the anti-tank guided weapons will become record-breaking for one of domestic enterprises – the Luch Design Bureau. It is not yet clear who will receive the order for production of drones since various types of UAVs are required so far. Let’s see who will win the competitions and what equipment exactly the troops will be supplied with," Butusov said.

"In any case, procurement of 800 anti-tank guided weapons means complete rearmament of all our combat units and training of a large number of operators. 500 drones will not completely cover the demand of the Army as much greater number of them is required. Moreover, the Army requires both reconnaissance and combat UAVs. However, 500 drones will advance the army to the new level. Unless, of course, the army will manage to train and sustain a sufficient number of crews to operate these UAVs. Well, let's hope that after increasing the army demand, there will be no delays in the purchase of equipment and its delivery to the troops. The large-scale equipping of the front line detachments with sophisticated reconnaissance means and anti-tank guided weapons would have inflict far greater losses to the Russian mercenaries during the so-called ‘truce’," the journalist summed up.

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