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 Terrorist Girkin: 210 Russian mercenaries killed, thrice as much injured in action in Syria last year

Russian private military company (PMC) Vagner lost about 210 its mercenaries in Syria in 2017 while over 600 were injured.

As reported by Censor.NET, ex-leader of the “DPR” terrorists, a former FSB officer Igor Girkin (aka Strelkov) wrote on social media citing his "old friend" from among the PMC Vagner mercenaries.

"Some words about Vagner. Today I met an old friend of mine who completed his one-year contract with Vagner PMC. He served in the very company that lost more than half of its personnel, two company and all platoon commanders after being surrounded while storming Deir ez Zor (instead of Syrians). I will not disclose the company number but those involved know it anyway. He told me nothing new except for some concerning the losses Vagner suffered last year (210 persons were killed and three times as much were injured in action as of late November. More specifically, one in five infantrymen of this PMC was killed)," Girkin said.

The former FSB officer also added citing his source that Russia is not reducing but rather constantly increasing its military presence in Syria featured both by regular troops and mercenaries.

"This is no news for me at all as this once again confirms the information from the other sources. Last off, the confidant confirmed that the first squad of Vagner mercenaries had already been sent to Sudan while another one is getting ready to leave for the Central African Republic. This is what the geographical spread of the nano-genius madness looks like," the terrorist wrote.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3043299