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 Only eight out of 16 million Ukrainian women have jobs, Deputy Prime Minister Zubko says

Eight out of 24 million able-bodied Ukrainians are male; only eight out of 16 million employable women have jobs while the rest are housewives.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for Regional Development, Construction and Housing Hennadii Zubko said in an interview with UkrinformCensor.NET reports.

The official calls local authorities to intensify construction of kindergartens to encourage the women on maternity leave seeking to fulfill their career potential to return to work.

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"We are now considering a possibility of establishing kindergartens on the ground floors of high-rise apartment blocks and codifying it by law. The issue of funding the kindergartens is of paramount importance. Administrations of various cities spend from 27,000 to 50,000 hryvnia (about $1,000-2,000) on a single child annually. If local authorities are unable to provide public kindergartens for every child, they should offer these 35,000 annually to the parents to cover the expenses for private kindergartens. Firstly, this would encourage the development of private kindergartens, and secondly, a local budget would no longer need to spend 60-80 million hryvnia to construct a kindergarten for 200 children," Zubko said.

The deputy prime minister also underscored high risk of brain drain. He expressed confidence that the state should keep Ukrainians from going abroad not only by raising salaries and pensions, but also by creating high-quality infrastructure.

"I always tell the local authorities that they must show some action. People pay taxes and they want to have roads, kindergartens, schools, museums, theaters, sports grounds constructed for that money. And if nothing is done, the people would leave the country. This is currently Ukraine’s biggest problem," Zubko said.

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