Ukrainian government senior official Yezhov apprehended on espionage charges, - SBU counterintelligence. VIDEO

On .Dec. 20, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) detained high-ranking official of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine suspected of being a Russian spy.

Censor.NET reports citing coverage of detention by Priamyi TV channel.

A correspondent for Priamyi TV channel said that the camera crew happened to be passing by the government building and tried to find out why the law enforcers had detained a person. It turned out that the SBU operatives were just apprehending a Russian spy. The official was detained just at his workplace at the Cabinet of Ministers and taken to a remand center in handcuffs.

The correspondent interviewed a law enforcement to learn details of the special operation: "The SBU counterintelligence has curbed illicit activities of a government official, whom we reasonably suspect of working for the Russian secret services," the law enforcement official said.

Correspondent: Can you tell us his name?

Law enforcer: Unfortunately, the investigator cannot grant me permission to make public the official’s personal data. However, it’s worth noting that the official had access to rather sensitive government information. He was a respected person. He was very responsibly, diligently, and creatively spying for the Russian secret services.

Correspondent: How did you manage to expose him?

Law enforcer: The evidence of his illicit actions, of espionage, was collected during the investigation. We transferred the case files to the investigative bodies according to the Criminal Procedure Code.

Correspondent: And what further actions will be taken regarding him?

Law enforcer: He faces trial. As always, there will be lawyers, charges, indictment, court hearings. I very much hope that this will result in a sentence that this official, this traitor actually deserves.

Correspondent: And what department is he from? Can you tell us at least something?

Law enforcer: Unfortunately, I cannot. But I’d like to reiterate that he had access to sensitive, specific information, official data. He acted like a true spy. However, he is a traitor. He was quite proactive, passed the intelligence, stole documents, overheard news, searched for information among colleagues and regularly passed it to the Russian secret services, to his handlers who gave him instructions. He is a true rat wearing glasses.

The detainee was later identified as Stanyslav Yezhov, the deputy chief of Protocol of Ukraine’s PM.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3040636