Ukrainian journalist to Putin: "Our army knows what to do with your facilitators in Donbas. Don’t you want to swap your nationals taken prisoner?" VIDEO

Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk asked President Vladimir Putin of Russia at a press conference whether the Russian side was willing to swap its citizens captured in the Donbas for the Ukrainian prisoners.

As reported by Censor.NET, Putin personally picked Tsymbaliuk to ask him a question: "Since Bashkiria is not far from there. In my mind, in my view Ukraine is not too far away as well. Please, Ukraine," he said pointing at the journalist.

Tsymbaliuk immediately responded to this remark: "Correction: Ukraine and Bashkiria are actually far away. We have only become closely acquainted with your Buryats so far," Tsymbaliuk said hinting at the Donbas-based Russian army units consisting of servicemen from that region.

"You earlier said, and you have never made a secret of sending people to solve military issues. In the real world it is called killing Ukrainian citizens. I mean everyone understands this and our army knows what to do with these people - with your problem-solvers or facilitators. But some of them are taken prisoner and then jailed in Ukraine, often for life. Imagine that you third tenure comes to an end and you are not re-elected, don’t you want to swap your citizens? Especially since Ukrainians do not abandon their own and we want back our 65 hostages who you are well aware off," the journalist said.


Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3039351