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 Yatseniuk, Avakov to testify at today’s hearing of Yanukovych case

The Obolonskyi district court of Kyiv shall question the first witnesses in Yanukovych’s treason case today.

As reported by a correspondent for Censor.NET, the testimonies will be heard at 2 and 4 p.m.

A court staff member said that People’s Front party leader Arsenii Yatseniuk and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov were subpoenaed as witnesses "but we’ll see who will actually give testimony."

Yanukovych’s lawyer Andrii Liashenko was reluctant to name the witnesses, although the prosecutors had to notify him in advance on who was going to testify.

"Let’s wait and see," he said.

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The law enforcers have tightened security of the court on the backdrop of today’s hearing: the police officers are checking visitors’ bags at the entrance. One of the prosecutors even had his cutter knife seized.

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