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 Poroshenko: "Happy that Ukrainians figured Moscow-funded marry band out and ignored camp outside Rada"

Ukrainian authorities respond robustly to attempts to undermine the situation in Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET referring to Interfax-Ukraine, this was said by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the celebration of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Day in the Lviv region on Wednesday.

"I thought it was hard to surprise me, but what the whole country heard yesterday went down like a bomb. I really appreciate the SBU and the Prosecutor General's Office for their skilled efforts in defending the national interests and statehood," Poroshenko said.

"The president and the government definitely respect the people’s right to peaceful protest. This is crucial and we demonstrated this in recent weeks. Although the organizers of the rallies wanted blood and provoked the law enforcers in every possible way. But it is critical that they have not swallowed the bait. They even complained to Moscow about great patience of our law enforcers, according to the intercepted conversations," the president said.

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"What makes me happy is that the Ukrainian people have figured Moscow-funded marry band out even earlier than the law enforcers have and, therefore, ignored that camp outside the Verkhovna Rada," Poroshenko added.

"My dear friends, the army holds the line not for the enemy to operate in the rear. We respond robustly to such actions while I feel the support of the society in doing so," the head of state said.

The president noted that Ukraine cannot be taken by force and the Russian Federation is fully aware of that.

"That's why the enemy is betting on backstabbing and undermining, destabilizing the situation in the country from within. And I've repeatedly said that Moscow spares no effort ... And they also have money coming out of ears," he said.

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Early Dec. 5, the law enforcers detained Saakashvili on charges of assisting crime ring members. His supporters blocked off the paddy wagon with the detained politician inside and later released him. During the search in Saakashvili's apartment, he went up to the roof of the house and was apprehended by the law enforcers there. 

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko later said that runaway oligarch Serhii Kurchenko funded Saakashvili's activities in Ukraine.

Early Dec. 6, a clash between law enforcers and supporters of the former Odesa region governor took place outside the Ukrainian parliament early Dec. 5 when police tried to storm the tent camp in order to locate and detain Saakashvili.

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