107 Ukrainian and 300 Russian soldiers Killed near Ilovaisk - Defense Minister

Defense Minister Valerii Heletei states that at least 107 Ukrainian and more than 300 Russian soldiers were killed in the battle near Ilovaisk (Donetsk region).

He announced that during an interview with Ukrainian broadcaster Fifth Channel, Censor.NET reports referring to Un.ua.

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"It's a tragedy that we lost a lot of patriots - more than 107 deceased are recognized and there are more to go, but (so far) the number of (killed) is 107 people... Let us also estimate the losses near Ilovaisk of our enemy, Russia; they suffered much bigger losses... There are more than 300 people dead," he said.

Heletei noted that 6 Russian battalion tactical groups reinforced by powerful modern artillery weapons approached ATO forces near Ilovaisk from the rear. To avoid massive casualties on both sides, mid-level officers have agreed to provide two corridors for withdrawal of ATO troops. But, according to Heletei, when this information reached the leadership of the General Staff of Russian Defense Ministry, Russian generals gave the command to shoot a column of ATO soldiers and captured Russian paratroopers, which were going with them.

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Heletei said that Ukrainian aircraft was involved to discourage the aggressor's troops; the pilots were able to destroy some artillery of the enemy. The minister stressed that Ilovaisk operation was seriously inflicted by publication of operation details and troops routes in the media.

The Minister is also sure that Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated a full-scale invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine because of the fact that Ukrainian troops apparently won the hybrid war and almost liberated Donetsk and Luhansk from terrorists.

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Earlier General Prosecutor of Ukraine Vitalii Yarema reported deaths of at least 200 Ukrainian troops during the anti-terrorist operations near Ilovaisk. Verkhovna Rada has established a temporary commission for investigation of the tragic events that led to the death and capturing of volunteer battalion fighters and soldiers of the Armed Forces near Ilovaisk.

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