Pskov Paratroopers Company Killed in Ukraine: Survivors' Communication Transcripts

The Pskov Province newspaper published by lawmaker Leo Schlosberg, published a transcript of a conversation between two Pskov paratroopers, which testifies that almost all of the soldiers of the 1st Company of the 76th Pskov Division of the Airborne Forces of Russia were killed in the fighting in the territory of Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports that currently, the web site of the newspaper cannot be reached, but the story is still available in the cache. The stories containing the paratroopers' communications appeared in the latest issue of The Pskov Province on September 2. The newspaper is published by Leo Schlosberg, member of the local legislative assembly from the Yabloko party. Last Friday, he was attacked by unknown persons after he and The Pskov Province published information about the funeral of Pskov paratroopers in the village of Vybuty.

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The publication attracted the attention of not only on the part of the public, but also the family members of soldiers and servicemen themselves. Leo Schlosberg, who authored the story, was contacted by current servicemen of the 76th Airborne Division with a request to publish the information directly provided by the participants of the hostilities. The address came shortly before the attack on the journalist that occurred on the evening of August 29 in the city of Pskov.

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The editor received two recordings of conversations that took place after the soldiers left the combat zone. There are no reasons to doubt the authenticity of the material. Note the description of death of Leonid Kichatkin, who was buried at the cemetery in Vybuty on August 25.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n300833