Mother of Russian Soldier Killed in Ukraine Confirms Defeat of Russian Motorized Brigade Near Snizhne: 120 Dead, 450 Wounded

россия смерть

20-year-old Anton Tumanov was killed in the war in Ukraine; he was a resident Kozmodemyansk (Republic of Mari El, Russia).

This is stated in the article of Novaya Gazeta, Censor.NET reports.

Date of death - "August 13, 2014," place - "point of temporary deployment of military unit 27777," time - "during the performance of military duties, reason - combined injury. Multiple shrapnel wounds of the lower limbs with damage to major blood vessels. Massive blood loss."

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"On the night of August 12, a column of 1,200 people entered Ukraine and in the afternoon of the 13th they stopped at the plant in the town of Snizhne, Donetsk region, 15 kilometers from the border. The trucks with weapons and ammunition were placed very close together. On the afternoon of August 13, the column was hit by Grad.

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The mother notes that "the boys (fellow soldiers) said that of the 1,200 people, 120 died, and 450 were wounded." "They were somewhere in the back and my Anton was in the front. No trenches, no protection... Panic, some jumped into trucks, scattered in all directions. They got out any way they could..."

"I called the Soldiers' Mothers (organization), and they were like: "18th brigade? 120 dead, we know," that is, I was not the first one to call them," the mother of the killed Russian soldier says.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n300790