Putin Calls for ‘Statehood Negotiations’ with Terrorists in Eastern Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for talks about political society and “statehood” of terrories controlled by the militants.

Putin urged such discussions during a television interview that aired on Russia's state-owned Channel 1 Sunday, Censor.NET reports, referring to Tvrain.ru."We must immediately begin substantive, meaningful negotiations not on technical issues, but on the political organization of society and state in the south-eastern Ukraine to ensure immediate fulfillment of legal interests of people who live there", he said.

In addition, Putin stated that "hostilities should be ceased and infrastructure restored immediately."

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"If some people expect a situation in which towns and villages of south-eastern Ukraine would be shelled, and that the militias themselves would not react, but only expect the promised negotiations, these people are in captivity of some illusions," Putin said.

Putin also advised Western countries to think about European democratic values​​, due to the support that the West provides to Ukrainian authorities.

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"What are the so-called European values?" Putin asked. "Maintaining the coup, the armed seizure of power and the suppression of dissent with the help of the armed forces? Are those modern European values?"

"Our colleagues need to remember their own ideals," he said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n300419