Russian Troops Are Housed in Donetsk


Russian troops entered Donetsk and are accommodated in the city.

Russian journalist Timur Olevskii wrote about it on Facebook, referring to Donetsk civilians, Censor.NET reports. "Should I say Russian troops entered Donetsk or Russian troops seized Donetsk?" he wrote. "Here are the news. The officers are accomodated, they rented apartments in the city center. Lots of soldiers around. The paratroopers have a place to get a shower. Patrols are everywhere. End of the news. Well, you know that we are occupiers, huh?" the journalist asked.

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Even after 10 Russian paratroopers were captured in 20 km from the Russian border, Russian authorities have denied the presence of regular Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. Earlier Censor.NET reported that shots and explosions are heard in Donetsk; fights are going on in two city districts - at least two civilians are killed.

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