Rasmussen: NATO Will Help the Ukrainian Army

NATO Secretary General confirmed that Russian troops and equipment have illegally crossed the border into eastern and south-eastern Ukraine.

He told this after an extraordinary meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission, following the serious escalation of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

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"Russian forces are engaged in direct military operations inside Ukraine. Russia continues to supply the separatists with tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery and rocket launchers. Russia has fired on Ukraine from both Russian territory and within Ukraine itself. Moreover, Russia continues to maintain thousands of combat-ready troops close to Ukraine's borders. This is a blatant violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. It defies all diplomatic efforts for a peaceful solution," Rasmussen said.

"Today, we expressed strong solidarity with Ukraine. At the Wales Summit next week, we will meet President Poroshenko to make clear NATO's unwavering support for Ukraine.

We condemn in the strongest terms Russia's continued disregard of its international obligations. We urge Russia to cease its illegal military actions, stop its support to armed separatists, and take immediate and verifiable steps towards de-escalation of this grave crisis," he concluded.

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The NATO Secretary General told how will support Ukraine. According to him, the NATO will focus on four areas of support, for each of them they will create a trust fund. The funds will be directed for financing the Ukrainian army. The money will be used to improve the defense capabilities of the Ukrainian army. Rasmussen said that some NATO countries have already expressed their willingnes to make the first deposit.

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