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 New Sanctions Against Russian Federation is the Only Possible Solution - European Parliament

Chairman of the Committee of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Elmar Brok called for tougher sanctions against Russia: "We need to toughen sanctions against the Russian Federation"

He said this after an emergency meeting in Brussels where one of the topics was the situation in Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing Radio Liberty.

"Considering the progression of events in Ukraine over the past day, we believe that we should find a way to strengthen sanctions against Russia," Brock said.

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European parliamentarian said that "every opportunity should be used to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine." "However, the events of the last hours show that the only possible solution is the new sanctions," Elmar Brok said.

He added that Brussels is considering the increase of financial assistance to Ukraine both immediate and the long term.

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In response to a question from a journalist Elmar Brok said that he considers the EU sanctions against Russia effective. "Russia is under great economic pressure. Russia lacks investment and those that exist are being withdrawn from Russia," he said.

The representative of the European Parliament also drew attention to the fact that the growth of the Russian economy under the influence of sanctions and embargoes has downward dynamics.

Concerning possible new restrictions imposed by the EU, which may be considered at the extraordinary summit of the Heads of State and Government on August 30, the MEP said that, for example, "the increase of sanctions on the financial sector in Russia is possible. In particular, the stop of funding of some Russian financial products from Western hedge funds that still exists."

Earlier official Kyiv urged the EU to urgently consider the situation in Ukraine at a meeting of the Council on August 30.

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