Novoazovsk and Other Towns Captured by Russian Troops - NSDC. MAP

The situation in the ATO area became tougher for the last 24 hours. The city of Novoazovsk in the Donetsk region and several more towns and villages in the Novoazovsk, Starobesheve and Amvrosiivka districts fell under control of the Russian military on Wednesday.

Representative of the NSDC Information Analysis Center Andrii Lysenko announced this at the daily briefing today, Censor.NET reports.

"The Russian armed forces detachments and armed gangs continue counterattacks in the south-eastern part of the Donetsk region. Novoazovsk town was taken under the control by the Russian military yesterday as well as the number of towns and villages in the Novoazovsk, Starobesheve and Amvrosiivka districts," the statement says.

Lysenko also noted that the situation in a southern direction developed yesterday as follows: "The Armed Forces of Ukraine positions in Novoazovsk suburbs were shelled by Grads from the territory of Russia at approximately 11:00 am. The assault by two military equipment convoys consisting of tanks, IFVs and APCs began after that at 12:30 pm. The convoys entered Ukraine from the villages of Veselo-Voznesenka and Maximov in the Rostov region of Russia."

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"The border guards and the National Guard servicemen retreated without support of heavy weapons. The ATO command ordered to withdraw combined units of the ATO forces, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Border Guard Service from Novoazovsk to save lives of the Ukrainian military and to regroup forces. Both Russian convoys entered Novoazovsk later in the afternoon," Lysenko said.

In addition, he reported that armor units of the Russians and their mercenaries are also located near Novoazovsk. The multiple launch rocket system Uragan was spotted in the village of Kholodne in the Donetsk region.

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