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 About 15 Thousand Russian Soldiers Forcibly Sent to Fight in the Donbas - Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia


Approximately 15,000 Russian soldiers have been sent to fight in the Donbas, the number of killed is unknown.

Head of the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia Valentina Melnikova told this, Ukrainian Pravda reports citing Dozhd.

She said that the Russian conscript-soldiers and soldiers under contract of different military bases are forced to sign contracts for fighting in Luhansk.

According to her, one soldier serving on the shooting ground in Gukovo in the Rostov region has sent a message to his mother claiming that Colonel Medinskiy has gathered personnel and ordered to sign a contract.

"We'll send you to Luhansk. If you would not sign the contract, I'll sign it instead of you" Melnikova cites Colonel's words.

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She assumes that there are about 15 thousand of Russian soldiers in Ukraine now.

She stressed that it is difficult to say how many of them do not have servicemen IDs, but have terminated contracts instead, or are counted as the officers on an indefinite term pass.

In addition, Melnikova said that it is unknown how many Russian soldiers died during that time in the territory of Ukraine.

"The families of servicemen will understand that they were shafted, roughly speaking, in six months approximately, that they were promised help but receive nothing instead and the problems will then begin. The parents of the soldiers will then refer to the Fund of the mother's rights, to the neighbors, to our committees asking for help because their son was killed in the war, and they received no assistance or remuneration. Only then we shall know how many soldiers were killed," Melnikova said.

Earlier, the militants in the Donbas acknowledged that the current Russian career status servicemen on a pass are fighting on their side.

The Committee of Soldiers' Mothers claimed of about 400 killed and wounded Russian soldiers in the Donbas on Wednesday.

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