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 Composition of Russian Troops Invading Ukraine: List of Military Bases and Army Size - Russian Journalists


NATO recognized the intrusion of Russian troops into Ukraine – this news went throughout the world.

Chairman of Multiregional Coordinating Center "Zabytyi Polk" (Forgotten Regiment) Elena Vasilieva published an article titled "Cargo - 200 from Ukraine to Russia" on Ekho Moskvy yesterday, which caused heated debate. The deceased paratroopers' funerals that took place in Pskov alarmed the entire blogosphere Censor.NET reports citing zpolk-org.

"The members of MCC "Zabytyi Polk" are combatants of various local and international wars and conflicts. And we do know what it means for mother to get a cargo - 200. We still honor the memory of the fallen battle brothers. And we consider it to be unacceptable that soldiers sent to fight in another country were forgotten by their relatives. It is not the way human beings should act.

The most difficult thing for the relatives of the dead soldiers is to find and bring home their bodies to bury. No one usually knows where military base, which one's son, husband or brother serves in, could be redeployed.

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Therefore we publish the acquired information about the troops being pulled in areas of hostilities in Ukraine. We hope this will become a clue for the relatives who are worried about the fate of their near and dear ones serving in the army.

This information cannot be absolutely accurate for obvious reasons. But it is confirmed by the fragments of the statements coming from the Ministry of Defense and journalists' publications.

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The troops of the Southeastern Command, ground forces and artillery:

- Armored brigade group from the 18th motorized rifle brigade from Khankala/Kalynovskaya, Chechnya (the so-called Chechen battalion);

- Armored brigade group from the 17th Shali motorized rifle brigade from Chechnya;

- Armored brigade group from the 136th Botlikh motorized rifle brigade from Dagestan;

- Armored brigade group from the 205th Budyonnovsk motorized rifle brigade from Stavropol Territory;

- Armored brigade group from the 19th Vladikavkaz motorized rifle brigade from North Ossetia;

- Armored brigade group from the 7th military base from the occupied Abkhazia, Georgia;

- Armored brigade group from the 33rd Maikop mountain motorized rifle brigade from Adygea;

- Composite artillery division from the 291st Troitskaya artillery brigade from Ingushetia.

- Composite squadron from the 78th Budyonnovsk logistical brigade, Stavropol Territory.

Airborne troops:

- Armored brigade group from the 76th Pskov division;

- Armored brigade group from the 98th Ivanovo division,;

- Armored brigade group of the 45th Kubinka separate special force regiment;

- Armored brigade group from the 247th Regiment of the 7th Novorossiysk division.

- Armored brigade group / reconnaissance task force group, Land Forces divisions and the Southeastern Command artillery units from the 20th Volgograd motorized rifle brigade,

- 34th Karachay-Cherkessia mountain infantry brigade;

- Division from the 943rd Krasnooktyabrskoe artillery regiment from Adygea (MLRS Uragan)

- Division from the 1st Krasnodar missile brigade (Tactical Operational Missile Complex "Tochka-U", "Iskander-M").

- 23th Samara motorized rifle brigade;

- Airborne armored brigade group / reconnaissance task force group from the 56th Volgograd air assault brigade,

- Airborne armored brigade group / reconnaissance task force group from the 106th Tula Division (sabotage and reconnaissance groups)

Main Intelligence Directorate units deployed in the South of Russia

- 10th Molkino brigade of Krasnodar Krai,

- 22th Aksai special force brigade from Rostov region,

- 100th Mozdok experimental reconnaissance brigade from North Ossetia,

- 346th Prokhladny special force brigade from Kabardino-Balkar Republic,

- 25th Stavropol special force regiment;

- 2nd Pskov special force brigade;

- 16th Tambov special force brigade;

- 3rd Ulyanovsk special force brigade;

The size of the Russian group (which they cynically called "peacekeeping") on the eastern border of Ukraine, on a conservative estimate including support units, numbers about 12-15 thousand servicemen. This number could be doubled soon enough if necessary. The large groups of Russian troops are also concentrated in the south in occupied Crimea and at the north-eastern border of Ukraine,"- the Multiregional Coordinating Center "Zabytyi Polk" report says.

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