Russian Troops Seized Novoazovsk and Blocked It by Tanks - Сommander of the Unit in the Dnipro-1 Battalion


The city of Novoazovsk (Donetsk region) is captured by the Russian troops.

This was announced by commander of the 5th special company of the Dnipro-1 battalion Volodymyr Shylov on Channel 5, Censor.NET reports, citing Liga.

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"Now the city Novoazovsk is seized by Russian troops and blocked by tanks. Residents are prohibited to depart. Tomorrow, according to the Russian military, mopping up of the city is scheduled," Shylov said.

Shylov said that he received such aninformation from his fighter, who was at a checkpoint in Mariupol, as well as the police officers who were in Novoazovsk. "The Novoazovsk police department was evacuated to Mariupol. But strange things happen. Mariupol police has weapons in a warehouse which is located in one of the departments, they are not armed," he added.

Earlier, speaker of the Information Analysis Center of the NSDC Andrii Lysenko reported that the situation in the city of Novoazovsk in the Donetsk region remains tough.

Western news media reported yesterday that the Ukrainian troops retreated to Mariupol.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n299957