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 Parents of Russian Paratroopers Demand from the Army Authorities to Report Where Their Children Are Send to

The Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers and its regional offices began receiving complaints from paratroopers’ parents on Monday.

They require clarifying the fate of their children - soldiers under contract, who have allegedly being moved to Ukraine or to its border. Some servicemen names have appeared in the Ukrainian social networks in the list of the Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing RBK.ua.

The commanders of military units and the military recruiting offices officials refuse to provide this information to soldiers' mothers.

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The press conference took place at the press center of the information agency "Svobodnyie Novosti" in Saratov on Tuesday being organized by the local branch of the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers. Lubov and Yurii Maksimov - the parents of the paratrooper, who allegedly disappeared in Ukraine, delivered a speech there.

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Their son, Ilya Maksimov, born in the village of Shihany in the Saratov region, served in the Pskov Airborne Division in the military unit # 74-268., Maximov's parents turned to the Union of Soldiers' Mothers with the official statement the day before on August 25 claiming that they have lost contact with their son since August 17. They saw his papers and his name in the list of the Russian soldiers who fought on the side of the insurgents and were killed in the Donbas in the Ukrainian social networks. Parents require the authorities to provide information on their son whereabouts.

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