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 Mothers of Russian Soldiers: Army Discharge of 11 Soldiers Killed in Ukraine Was Antedated


All 11 people were killed during combats on the territory of Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports this citing the article in Gazeta.ru.

"It was definitely in Snizhne town on the border of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. The convoy was covered by shelling from Grad," the Chairman of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of the Stavropol Territory Lyudmila Bogatenkova said.

According to her, nine people from the special force battalion were killed on August 9. But this is not nearly a complete list. "And two more people were killed on August 11 - maintenance detachment commander, 27-year-old Lieutenant Evgeniy Pilipenko and chief of the engineering service, 38-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Yuriy Peshkov," Bogatenkova said. She is also aware of the other soldiers who died on the border with Ukraine. There are also wounded servicemen being in hospitals of Rostov, Khankala and other cities in the south of Russia.

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The bodies of deceased soldiers are being returned to their families. "They then send a "cargo-200" (coffers with soldiers' bodies) to the relatives and claim that the soldier had already been discharged from the Armed Forces and died later under mysterious circumstances. In other cases, they claim that the soldier died during exercise at the shooting ground," Liudmila Bogatenkova said. "Their relatives live in Dagestan. We communicate with them by the phone occasionally. And what can I tell them, if the authorities wrote that the soldier died after the retirement."

Dagestan local opposition newspaper Chernovik wrote an article about the death of soldiers at the end of last week citing their relatives. Five deceased military were natives of Novoe Kazanishche and Atlanaul villages of the Buynaksk district, the other one - from the village of Shagada in the Khasavyurt district. Other "cargos-200" were send to the villages of Kizilyurt and Belidzhi in the Derbent district and the village of Aksakay in the Khasavyurt district. The source of the newspaper claims that the deceased soldiers under contract died during maneuvers or were fired backdated according to the documents.

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