One of DPR Terrorist Leaders Gubarev Fled to Russia

One of the leaders of the so-called DPR Pavel Gubarev arrived in Rostov-on-Don by an overnight flight from Simferopol on Tuesday, August 26.

This is reported by Russian website Snob referring to an anonymous passenger who flew on the same plane with the separatist.

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"Gubarev flew with some skinny guy in camouflage and looked wary. Here he was met by two shabby man - they did not look like secret police, more like military comrades. He flew in by a regular night flight. He gained some weight," the site quotes the passenger.

Gubarev's leaving was also confirmed by the "co-chairman of the DPR" Tatiana Dvoryadkina. She added that she did not know where he went.

"Gubarev has indeed left Donetsk. They said that he went to Rostov. Reasons for his departure are unknown to me. Perhaps he went to see his wife or took a vacation. Will he return to Donetsk? Nobody knows, too. Only the government of the Novorossia has contact with him," she said.

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The publication notes that Gubarev's phones, as well as his wife's, lawyer's and assistant's are out of reach.

Earlier the former "prime minister" of the breakaway republic Alexander Boroday and its "defense minister" Igor Girkin left for Russia.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n299692