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 There Are Enough Troops in Ilovaisk to Hold the City, - Donbas Battalion Commander

A group of Ukrainian security forces is in operational surrounding near Ilovaisk.

It is reported by Donbas battalion commander Semen Semenchenko on his Facebook page.

According to Semenchenko, after a morning breakthrough from Novoazovsk the situation was completely under control.

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"Troubling symptoms started later. First, a Ukrainian army unit without orders left the position, which was supposed to cover the rear of the group liberating Ilovaisk. The artillery was destroyed by Grad and the rest retreated leaving only mortars. Then opponent conducted another attack by tanks from the area of Mospyne. They went through Starobeshevo wand ere stopped after 15 km by a barrier of artillery and tanks of the Ukrainian army (somehow the Army suddenly got them from somewhere). An attack was also conducted near Olenivka," he wrote.

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According to him, as a result of three assaults (below from Novoazovsk, breakthrough of a group from sector D, breakthrough of a group from Mospyne) Starobeshevo and Kuteinikovo were blocked. Finally, another group of the Ukrainian army retreated and the whole group got into operational encirclement.

"Currently deployed in Ilovais are units of the National Guard Battalion Donbas, Ministry of Internal Affairs Battalions Dnipro, Kherson, Svitiaz and Mirotvorets (Peacemaker) and consolidated company of 93rd and 17th army brigades. There are enough troops to hold the city," he stressed.

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