West Can Help Ukraine to Resist the Aggression of Russia. There Are Some Crucial Areas Where Help Is Needed - Journalist

In particular, the Ukrainian army needs all kinds of military vehicles.

Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov writes it on his Facebook page.

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"People ask me: how can West and democratic countries help Ukraine to fight with the Russian aggression?

From my point of view, we immediately need help with nonlethal means in the following crucial areas:

1 Sharing intelligence data of NATO satellites regarding movement and deployment of the Russian troops in the Donbas in real time.

2 Supply of military communication systems of the tactical and operational-tactical level, a closed and secure military telephone systems and landline. We need to fully re-equip every soldier, commander, and unit with means of communication that will allow to abandon completely mobile phones that are monitored by Russian intelligence and attract artillery strikes.

3 For each military unit, supply of unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles of the tactical and operational-tactical level, equipped with modern optoelectronic devices for reconnaissance and targeting.

4 For each battery and division, supply of modern devices for targeting that allow to adjust artillery fire.

5 Supply of modern systems of jamming and electronic countermeasures for each combat aircraft and helicopter.

6 Supply of thermal observation devices and thermal gunnery sights of the 3rd generation to fully equip infantry, armored vehicles, each aircraft and helicopter.

7 Supply of light armored vehicles to enhance mobility of military units - we need all kinds of military vehicles, thousands of them.

8 Allocation of funds to construct two modern training centers for mechanized infantry and special forces.

9 Supply of personal medical care for each soldier and providing advanced military hospitals," Butusov wrote.

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