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 Germany Does Not Recognize Annexation of Crimea; Otherwise It Will Happen in Europe - Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and asks for patience.

She claimed that during the joint press conference with President Poroshenko, Censor.NET reports.

Merkel said that she is often asked about the Crimea status. She noted that the annexation of the Crimea is unjust. "But months passed and it was not given back. Often, when political issues are discussing you need a lot of patience to have and efforts to make," the German chancellor said. "It (the annexation of the Crimea) happened with the violation of the territorial integrity of Europe. If we accept this principle, then it might happen anywhere in Europe", Merkel warned.

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She also mentioned that Crimea precedent is a threat to the integrity of any European state. "It must be considered as the next step to save Donetsk and Luhansk ", the Chancellor stressed.

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