Germany Condemned the Invasion of Russian Humanitarian Convoy in Ukraine: Russia does not Want Peace - Moscow Tirelessly Promotes the Escalation of Conflict

In Berlin believe that the humanitarian convoy breakthrough without permission is a violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine.

The politicians in Germany have strongly condemned the invasion of the humanitarian convoy from Russia to Ukraine without permission. According to Deutsche Welle, leading expert on foreign policy of the CDU Ruprecht Polenz accused Russia of the conflict escalation, Censor.NET reports.

"This step shows how strong is the tension in the East of Ukraine. The humanitarian convoy cannot be considered separately from the other circumstances of the conflict, it would mean to go in line with the Russian propaganda. It is necessary to consider the behavior of Russia as a whole - all of its actions do not promote the conflict resolution. On the contrary, Moscow relentlessly promotes its escalation," Polenz said.

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At the same time, member of the Bundestag Committee on Foreign Affairs Niels Annen called the invasion of Russian humanitarian aid convoy the violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine."

"Movement of the Russian convoy to Luhansk without the permission of the Ukrainian authorities is another violation of the sovereignty of Ukraine and can not be justified," the German politician said.

As previously reported, Russia announced that it would not wait for Ukraine's permission and started the import of the humanitarian aid by its own. At the same time, the militants are escorting Putin's convoy now instead of the Red Cross representatives.

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