Dnipro-1 Battalion and Ukrainian Troops Broke Through the Encirclement to Donbas Battalion and 93rd Brigade in Ilovaisk

армия украинская

The Donbas battalion and the 93rd Armed Forces Brigade that hold Ilovaisk in the Donetsk region finally received reinforcements.

In particular, the Dnipro-1 battalion and detachments of the Ukrainian Army entered Ilovaisk, broke through the encirclement of the separatists. They also delivered ammunition. The Donbas battalion soldiers report this, Censor.NET informs citing lb.ua

The wounded troops were evacuated from the town and hospitalized earlier today - 7 people in total according to the preliminary information. Among them there is journalist Aleksander Gliadielov, who was wounded in the leg.

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In addition, activist Dmytro Reznichenko, fighter of the Donbas battalion was hospitalized with a gunshot wound in the arm. "I'm going to the main base on an unexpected vacation. My favorite jacket is hopelessly ruined," Reznichenko wrote on his Facebook page.

The Azov Battalion, which also had to come as reinforcement to Ilovaisk, tried to break through into the town yesterday. There are casualties among the battalion soldiers, Azov battalion soldiers report. They also said that a friendly Ukrainian artillery shelling covered them due to poor spotting near Ilovaisk.

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