U.S. to Help Modernize Ukrainian Military Aviation with Effective Protection Against Enemy’s Air Defense Systems

The United States is considering the volume of material and technical assistance for aircraft and personnel of the aviation units of the Ukrainian army.

This was stated by the Defense Attaché at the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine Colonel Joseph Hickox in Vinnytsia during a meeting of representatives of the Ukrainian Air Force Command with the military delegation of the Command of the US Air Forces in Europe and the United States Office of the Defense Attaché at the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing the Ministry of Defense.

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"When I learned that the military aircraft require appropriate means of ensuring effective protection against the enemy's air defense systems, I immediately informed the leadership of the Commander of the United States Air Force in Europe. That is why its representatives are among the members of the delegation. Together we will take the first steps to determine the needs of the Ukrainian military aviators, " Hickox said.

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A working group of the Ukrainian military includes Air Force officers, headed by first deputy commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General Serhii Drozdov.

He stressed the importance of the dialogue between the armed forces of the two countries to build partnerships and to discuss ways to provide the necessary assistance to the Ukrainian military units.

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During the meeting the parties discussed a number of issues, in particular the exchange of experiences in the application of aviation, determining the volume of material and technical assistance from the United States Armed Forces.

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