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 Servicemen Have Complete Control of Ilovaisk. Terrorists Attack Using Tanks and Artillery

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The press service of the National Guard of Ukraine denies reports of the Donbas battalion terminating combat missions in Ilovaisk.

"We officially inform that the soldiers of the Donbas battalion continue to perform combat missions to liberate Ilovaisk in the Donetsk region. The battalion is heroically repelling counter attacks of the terrorists and carring out the offensive," the statement released on Wednesday morning says, Censor.NET reports.

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At the same time another message of the National Guard states that the soldiers of the Armed Forces, Dnipro and Shakhtarsk battalion are taking part in the liberation of Ilovaisk alongside the Donbas battalion.

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"Reinforcements from the Azov volunteer battalion are coming to help of the Ukrainian security forces. Currently the Ukrainian forces control the entire city, although counterattacks by the terrorists continue. The terrorists use tank and artillery fire. The ATO forces heroically repulsed three attacks of the terrorists," the National Guard notes.

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