Militants in Donetsk and Luhansk Use Heavy Weapons. Ukrainian Army Is Limited in Its Actions Because of Civilians


Clashes continue near Ilovaisk, Yasynuvata, Donetsk, Luhansk, and in the area of ​​Savur-Mohyla.

Censor.NET reports that Head of the Center for Military and Political Studies Dmytro Tymchuk writes on his Facebook page:

"For the Ukrainian troops f ighting in the Donetsk and Luhansk is complicated by heavy weapons that terrorists use, while our troops use only limited fire in order to avoid mass casualties among the civilian population. At the same time the Ukrainian troops carry out raids in the direction of Ilovaisk-Zuhres. Also they aim to isolate enemy forces in the area of Shahtarsk and Krasnyi Luch, and in the Perevalsk district of the Luhansk region," Tymchuk said.

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The terrorists continue to fire at the positions of Ukrainian forces. In particular: - in Verhunskyi Roziizd (Luhansk) the terrorists fired a stronghold of the Ukrainian forces by AGS-17. The terrorists fired at positions of the Ukrainian troops near Vesela Hora and and Ilovaisk by BM-21 Grad. The terrorists fired mortars twice at a checkpoint near Stanytsia Luhanska. With the support of 2 tanks and APCs, the terrorists attacked the stronghold near Ilovaisk. The attack was repelled. A land mine exploded and a Ukrainian BTR-80 was blown up. There are a losses among the Ukrainian soldiers.

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