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 Ukrainian Army Repulsed All Attacks on Ilovaisk, Shelled by Russian Grad Divisions - Journalist

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In the battle for Ilovaisk the Ukrainian army liberated most of the city and repulsed all the attacks of the terrorists aided by Russian Grads.

This is stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page: "The results of the battle for Ilovaisk - situation as of 11:30 p.m. During the two days of fighting, our troops captured a larger part of the city. They repulsed all the attacks of the enemy on the city itself and its outskirts. The gunners of the 93rd and 51th brigades , tankers of the 17th tank brigade and of course the brave soldiers of the 40th territorial defense battalion Kryvbas, the National Guard battalion Donbass and Ministry of Interior battalion Dnipro distinguished themselves in battle. The enemy suffered great losses. The terrorists often complain on video that the Ukrainians do not engage into contact fight. Today in Ilovaisk they got their contact fight. Terrorists are clinging to the north-eastern outskirts of the city."

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"Day of August 19 - a dark day for Ilovaisk. After the defeat of mercenary units, there were non-stop Grad shelling from divisions in Donetsk and Mospyne. "Obviously, these are Russian units because organizing the management of so much hardware and staffing so many crews from local marginal supporters of terrorists is simply impossible.

The mass shelling by Russian Grad systems has caused enormous destruction of the city. The mercenaries are ready to wipe Ilovaisk off the face of the earth. Volleys against the city are shot in packages of 200-300 explosions," the journalist writes.

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"Also Ilovaisk is being shelled by several mortar batteries. Our troops are confidently holding all positions and continue to attack at night.

Unfortunately, in close combat and as a result of artillery fire, our troops suffered losses. 4 soldiers of the Donbas battalion and 2 of the Shakhtarsk battalion were killed. There are also wounded - they were quickly evacuated by helicopter to Dnipropetrovsk. Eternal memory to the heroes..." Butusov wrote.

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