Injured Separatists about Their Future if Ukraine Retakes the Donbas: "We Will Actually Be Real Terrorists – like al-Qaeda" - Financial Times

If the first few months of the war were marked by a stream of Russian “volunteers” pouring across the border, these days the flow is in both directions, as scores of injured separatists are transported back to Russia for emergency medical care.

Financial Times Courtney Weaver writes from Donetsk, Russia, about the injured separatists who joined the Russian mercenaries in fighting against the Ukrainian troops.

"While many so-called Russian volunteers have joined the separatist fight in east Ukraine, including professional fighters from Chechnya and Ossetia, the majority of the rebel ranks are made up of local men with little military experience," Weaver claims.

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Despite the injuries, most of the fighters say they have no regrets about joining the separatist forces. Some say they will go back and fight in a few months once they have recovered; they would not be able to return if Kyiv took back full control of the east.

They warn that even if Kyiv retakes Luhansk and Donetsk, the biggest city in eastern Ukraine and the separatists' main power base, it would face years of partisan warfare in the region. "Then we will actually be real terrorists - like al-Qaeda," one of the separatists says.

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