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 Real Battle Under Way in Ilovaisk. Russian Mercenaries Shell the City with All Kinds of Weapons and Do Not Care About Civilians

Large enemy forces are trying to recapture the city and knock out our units.

This is stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

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"The real battle is taking place in Ilovaisk and its surroundings at this moment. The fighting, which began last night is still going on, the terrorists are pulling new forces for the attack. Large enemy forces are trying to recapture the city and clear out our troops, which have gone deep into the city. There is heavy artillery and mortar shelling - Russian mercenaries are showering the city with all kinds of weapons including Grads - they do not care about the civilians.

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Ilovaisk is of key significance for the liberation of Donetsk - a direct access to the communication of the Donetsk group, a direct threat of the overall encirclement of Donetsk, access to Zuhres and Khartsyzsk and from the south, a threat to Shakhtarsk mercenaries.

Units of the 17th Dnipropetrovsk Tank Brigade, artillery groups of the 93rd Dnipropetrovsk and 51th Volyn brigades together with Dnipro, Donbas and Kryvbas battalions retain control over most of Ilovaisk and surroundings, and continue to advance in spite of the powerful counterattacks of the enemy. A unit of the Azov battalion also participates in the fighting. The most serious attacks by the enemy are conducted against the 40th Battalion of the Territorial Defence Kryvbas. I want to note the sector B command (Gen. Ruslan Khomchak) - it is probably the first time a reliable tactical cooperation between the Army, the National Guard units and the Interior Ministry has been organized and a unified communication system created. The soldiers and the battalion commanders and acting heroically - they are directly in combat formations, controlling the fight. Yes, they have learned. And this is just the beginning. We are praying for our guys - the situation is very serious.

I am leaving for the ATO today," Butusov wrote.

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