Military Equipment from Russia Entered Ukraine: the Convoy Moves Towards Molodohvardiisk

The press center of the ATO confirms the reports that the convoy of military vehicles crossed the border between Russia and Ukraine in the direction of Luhansk.

ATO spokesman Oleksii Dmytrashkivskyi said it to Ukrainian Pravda.

"I confirm that there is information about a small number of military vehicles entering the territory of Ukraine in the area of Izvaryne," he said.

According to situation report the military vehicles are moving towards Molodohvardiisk in the Luhansk region, Interfax-Ukraine reports citing the headquarters of the Anti-Terrorism Operation Center.

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"The reconnaissance has confirmed that the convoy of armored military vehicles and Ural military trucks crossed the border and entered the territory of our country through the temporarily closed Ukrainian border crossing point Izvaryne. The intelligence also confirms that the registration plates and military markings on the equipment were Russian," the statement says.

The ATO headquarters noted that the convoy is not numerous but the scouts did not managed to count the exact number of armored vehicles and trucks. According to preliminary data, the armed soldiers were in the trucks.

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The Russian FSB Border Directorate in the Rostov region in its turn does not confirm the information that appeared in a number of foreign media reports of the military equipment presumable transition across the Russian-Ukrainian border section.

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