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 70 Armored Vehicles from Russia Passed Through Snizhne for the Last Night - Herashchenko

Russia regularly transfers equipment and ammunition across the border to aid terrorists without any disguise of the humanitarian support.

Anton Herashchenko said this to Gordon, Censor.NET reports.

"The humanitarian convoy is a PR campaign of Putin showing how he helps "Novorossia". This is made for the Russian citizens and the Russian TV channels. The mercenaries and combat vehicles move across the border without any PR or flashy names every night. My sources say that 70 armored units passed through Snizhne during only the last night. Therefore the convoy is Putin's attempt to show that he is a good guy. People should not take him seriously," Herashchenko said.

Adviser to the Minister believes that the change of the terrorists' leadership in the Donbas is a manifestation of panic.

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"Personnel changes in the DPR and LPR are nothing but a handwringing. I think that the terrorists are already beginning to realize that even their leaders refuse to fight and think about saving of their lives. They understand that the encirclement is tighter and tighter and just want to live," Herashchenko claims.

Earlier, Russia sent its humanitarian convoy consisting of 280 trucks, which departed on Tuesday morning. The convoy is moving towards the border crossing point Izvaryne which is currently under the control of the pro-Russian militants. Russian Foreign Ministry demands a ceasefire in the eastern Ukraine for safe delivery of the humanitarian aid.

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