"Humanitarian" Convoy Approaches a Border Crossing Point, Controlled by the Terrorists

помощь гуманитарная

The Russian convoy carrying humanitarian aid has arrived close to the border with eastern Ukraine, near a crossing point controlled by the terrorists.

The Guardian's correspondent Shaun Walker is with the convoy and he reported its location, Censor.NET informs. citing The Guardian.

" We have arrived at the turnoff towards Krasnodon and Luhansk, Ukraine... The front of the Russian aid convoy is turning down it, " Walker writes from Kamensk-Shakhtinsk.

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Also he reported that " Two military helicopters flew low overhead. Separately to the convoy, running along the main road, there have been frequent sightings of Russian military units, including a tank and artillery. Locals said this had been a regular sight over the last few months."

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The Financial Times's Courtney Weaver, who is with the convoy, said she had spotted military vehicles joining the procession.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n298020