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 Ukrainian Soldiers Fought an Unequal Battle near Donetsk: 12 of Them Killed, 13 Captured

майдан память теракт

Yesreday there was a tragedy in the suburbs of Donetsk, near the village of Mandrykine. A group of Ukrainian soldiers fought an unequal battle with the Russian militants. According to Russian media reports, 12 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 13 were captured and are in a hospital in Donetsk.

However, Russian media traditionally claim that prisoners of war belong to the "Right Sector." In this regard, head of public Center for Prisoners of War Exchange Volodymyr Ruban made a statement for Censor.NET:

"Ukrainian citizens, c aptured in battle on August 12 in Mandrykine, are officially soldiers of the battalion of the Territorial Defence. At the permanent locations of military units there are all the necessary documents, proving their identity. Therefore, please treat the captured Ukrainian citizens as prisoners of war. Other attitude can cause severe damage to the process of exchange of prisoners of war (in which we have considerable progress recently) as well as the fate of many people in this war. Our center will treat injured soldiers as official prisoners of war."

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