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 Obama to Cemilev: Russia is a Thief, Crimea Should be Returned to Ukraine


Sooner or later, Russia will back off. There is no such a thing as "reputation of the state" left in Russia. It began to look like North Korea.

One of the leaders of the Crimean Tatars and Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Mustafa Cemilev told this to Espreso.TV, Censor.NET reports

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"There is no doubt that Crimea would be returned. It (the annexation. - Ed.) violates all international norms. How conquistadors could come and take the land in the 21st century? Russia will back off sooner or later. There is no such a thing as "reputation of the state" left in Russia. It began to look like North Korea," Cemilev states.

"Barack Obama told me during our conversation that the United States will struggle for the return of Crimea. He later said in Warsaw that "Russia is a thief. Crimea should be returned to Ukraine," Cemilev says.

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Cemilev also reported that NATO headquarters assured him that sanctions will greatly affect Russia. "I was in Brussels in NATO headquarters. They assured me that sanctions will greatly influence Russia. They said that these sanctions will be much stronger than those that were imposed against Russia in 1979 after the invasion of Afghanistan. I said that probably I will not live to see this and they answered: "no, it won't take that long," Cemilev claims.

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"The Crimean Tatars returned to their homeland not because there is the Black Sea but because it is their historical homeland and when a stranger comes, a soldier, they will sacrifice a lot," he said and added: "My countrymen call me and say:" When will you block the water for Crimea?" It means that Tatars are willing to stand this to get freedom."

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