Igor Strelkov Issued an Ultimatum to the Russian Leadership - ATO Press Center


Panic and chaos are observed among the terrorists again. There are numerous cases of desertion.

Censor.NET writes about it, referring to ATO press center.

ATO press center has learned from reliable sources that the "leader of the gang" Strelok (militia's enigmatic commander, a former Russian intelligence officer known by the nom de guerre of Igor Strelkov ) "delivered an ultimatum to the leadership of the Eastern country (the Russian Federation - Ed.) stating that if reinforcement is not provided, he will be forced to retreat from Antratsyt."

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"In addition, he threatens his customers to run away from Ukraine. According to intelligence reports, Russian leadership has ordered FSB special forces to eliminate LPR and DPR leaders. Terrorists have only one way to save their life - to give up and go to court for their crimes," the statement mentions.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n297418