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 Australia Prime Minister Considers More Russia Sanctions

Russia must stop "bullying" Ukraine or face increased sanctions from Australia and its western allies, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has warned.

According to Censor.NET, The Australian informs about it.

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"Russia is a big country trying to bully a small country," he said, branding any Russian troop movement into Ukraine as an "invasion".

"I say to President (Vladimir) Putin, if he wants to be regarded as a world leader, as opposed to becoming an international outcast, hold your forces back, stay behind the border and let the business of Ukraine be sorted out by the Ukrainians."

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"The way to avoid increased sanctions is for Russia to call off what it appears to be in preparation for," he said referring to an estimated 20,000 troops amassed on the Ukrainian border.

It was beyond doubt pro-Russian separatists armed with a Russian missile system were responsible for the downing of MH17 over Ukraine's Donetsk region, Mr Abbott said.

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Russia on Thursday announced a 12-month trade ban on agricultural goods from Australia, the European Union, United States and several other western nations.

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