Crashed MH17 Flight Was 480 Kilometres Off Typical Course - The Telegraph

The MH17 flight which crashed in the Donetsk region took a route 480 Kilometres to the north of its usual path.

"I can only tell you as a commercial pilot myself that if we had been routed that way, with what's been going on in Ukraine and on the Russian border over the last few weeks and months, I would never have accepted that route", Robert Mark, a commercial pilot and Aviation International News Safety magazine editor said.

According to Malaymail Online, the Malaysia Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur took a route 482 kilometres to the north of its usual path. It was reported earlier that all 283 passengers and 15 crew were killed in the crash.

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According to the Ministry of International Affairs of Ukraine, the Boing was hit by Buk Missile System at 16.20 near Hrabovo village (Torez area). President Poroshenko and SSU called the crash of Malaysian Airlines Boing-777 a terrorist act. At the same time, Russia blames Ukraine for the crash. Terrorists blocked access to the Boing crash site for OSCE investigators. Ukrainian authorities are doing their best to help the OSCE investigators. In particular, State aviation service closed airspace in the ​​ATO zone.

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