Russian Fighter Jet Fired a Missile at Ukrainian SU-25. RADIO INTERCEPT

On July 16 at 18:55 the military intelligence Ukraine recorded the fact of the use of Russian Air Forces aircraft against Su-25 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Forces near Amvrosiivka.

This is stated in the press service of the National Security Council, Censor.NET reports.

In particular, in the territory of Russia in the Rostov region near Matveyev Kurgan - Novoshahtinsk our intelligence accompanied flight of MiG-29 from the 19th Fighter Regiment of the 1st Composite Air Division of the 4th Command of the Russian Air Forces.

In the period from 18:48 to 19:49 (Kyiv time) ground control of the Russian aviation (call sign "Rapier") provided guidance of the Russian MiG-29 (pilot call "221") to destroy air targets in the territory of Ukraine.

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The barraging of the Russian MiG-29 was carried out at an altitude of 8,850 meters, and the seizure of Ukrainian aircraft by missile armament of the MiG-29 was carried out at an altitude of 8,250 meters. The distance between the aircraft was 35-40 km.

To hit the target the Russian Armed Forces Air Force command gave the instructions to MiG-29 pilot to use only "air-to-air" medium-range type R-27T missiles with infrared homing system. This type of missile is not spotted by the warning system of the SU-25 aircraft, as well as satellite systems, intelligence and surveillance after launch. Another thing about the R-27 missiles is that they are made in Ukraine and are marked by Artem company (Kyiv) and the fragments cannot be identified as Russian weapons.

It is known that during the air battle, the Russian fighter plane three times locked on the Ukrainian plane for a guaranteed missile launch. After capturing the target using onboard quantum optical-radar station MiG-29 engaged a missile strike on the Ukrainian Air Forces plane.

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Owing to the skill of the Ukrainian pilot and evasive anti-missile maneuvers carried out by him there was no direct hit and the destruction of the plane was avoided. The missile hit the nozzle of the engine and the pilot made an emergency landing.

In turn, the Russian pilot's lack of professionalism, prolonged attempt to lock on and insufficient fuel did not allow him to hit the Su-25 again. The MiG-29 landed in emergency mode at the nearest airfield in the Rostov region.

You can listen to the recording of the communication here.

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