Russian Border Guard Shared Images of a Tank and an APC Crossing Ukrainian Border. PHOTOS


Russian border guard shared images of a tank and an armored personnel carrier, which, as he stated, look like they are crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border 'in a civilized way' at Izvaryne checkpoint.

Olena Trehub, executive director of Global Educational Leadership (GELead.org) writes it in her personal blog on Pravda.com, Censor.NET reports.


Here is the tank.

APC, picture from June 25.

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"Soon, when his friends started posting comments like, "Putler will award you with execution" or "Dude, haven't they found you? Hide it until it's too late," Artiom closed his profile from other Instagram users. So we have only screenshots left. Do not think that Artiom is a Russian dissident. Judging by his photos and comments, he had nothing against the Putin regime. Thanks, Artiom, for the photo evidence. Not that we did not know that these things happen, but it is always better to see how Russian military equipment crosses the border than to hear," the blogger writes. Earlier, Censor.NET reported that 100 military vehicles Crossed Russian-Ukrainian border this night.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p293664