Russian Tanks Entered Luhansk - News Media

Russian tanks entered Luhansk, the terrorists continue to fire mortars in the city.

Users of Twitter write about it, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

"Information from the military who are at the Luhansk airport: "Today Russian T-72 entered Luhansk. Not T-64 (pretending that they captured them from the Ukrainian troops), but namely T-72," Sеrgiy Ivanov writes.

On Friday morning "Lugansk News Today" writes: "Again a horrible sound from somewhere! .. Again as yesterday. The terrorists fired a couple of times from a mortar without any target at residential neighbourhoods from the Luhansk avia center."

"Luhansk, Heorhiivka (near the airport). Yesterday at 21.30, our forces killed all the terrorists at a checkpoint in just 2 minutes," the Twitter user adds.

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