Residents of Mykolaivka Town near Sloviansk Prevented Terrorists to Build Barricades. Women Were Crushed by Cars

Yesterday local residents of Mykolaivka town near Sloviansk did not allow the terrorists to build barricades.

A source reported this to Censor.NET.

"Yesterday evening terrorists tried to build barricades near the district hospital in Mykolaivka town, but the locals, among them pregnant women and women with children, prevented the construction. To push back the protesters, the militants began to run over them by their cars. Then came the commander of the terrorists in Mykolaivka, nicknamed Miner (Minesweeper). He started shooting in the air, but people did not leave. By 11 p.m. building blocks for the barricades were taken away," a source told Censor.NET.

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According to him, the people gathered in the morning and went to the city council. On their way, more protesters joined in, while the local authorities decided to stay away. "In 30 minutes cars with armed men arrived, but before that Tatiana Porolo came, since she works for the Russian media and she seems to be informed about the arrival of terrorists," the source said.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n291439