Obama and Cameron Are not Impressed with Putin's Revoking of Earlier Decision to Use Russian Troops in Ukraine: They Warned Russia about New Sanctions

US President Barack Obama discussed the Ukrainian crisis with the British prime minister David Cameron in a phone call Tuesday evening, Reuters reports.

Censor.NET reports, citing The Guardian and The New York Times, that both leaders welcomed the efforts taken by President Poroshenko to establish a ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine. Yet they might be not satisfied with Putin's revoking of the earlier decision to use Russian troops in Ukraine. The two leaders noted that while Russian President Vladimir Putin had called on the militants to accept the ceasefire, they "had yet to see concrete action from Russia to halt the flow of weapons across the Ukrainian border and to stop Russian training of separatist groups."

Obama and Cameron "agreed that should Russia fail to take these immediate steps to de-escalate the situation in eastern Ukraine, the United States and the European Union would work to implement additional coordinated measures to impose costs on Russia," a White House statement said.

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Mr. Cameron's office said Russia had not halted the flow of militants and arms into Ukraine nor stopped training separatist groups. The American and British leaders "reaffirmed their commitment to implementing further sanctions on Russia if these things don't happen," Mr. Cameron's office said in a statement.

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Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the Federation Council (Senate) to revoke the decision of March 1 that permitted the use of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine.

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