"We Have Seen Evidence of Continued Russian Military Support to the Separatists" - US Department of State


Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of State Mary Harf said that Washington has seen evidence of continued Russian military support to the terrorists in Eastern Ukraine.

"We have seen evidence of continued Russian military support to the separatists, and a new ongoing build-up of Russian forces on the border," Harf said on a daily press briefing, Censor.NET reports, citing the US Department of State.

"Last week on June 13th, Russia sent tanks from a deployment site in southwest Russia into eastern Ukraine. And we have information that additional tanks have been prepared for departure from the same site. On June 20th the OSCE reported eyewitness accounts seeing a military convoy of unknown origin driving through Luhansk city. This convoy included tanks and armored personnel carriers," the representative of the US Department of State explained.

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"We also have ground photos from the destroyed BM-21 multiple rocket launchers in Luhansk, that the launcher originally belonged to a Russian motorized rifle brigade. So there's a host of information that tanks, rocket launchers are crossing the border from Russia into Ukraine," Mary Harf emphasized.

She also stated that reports in Russia of enormous amounts of refugee flows are incorrect.

"Incorrect. Yes," Ms. Harf replied, answering a question of a journalist.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n291255